Sydney Summer Series: Wednesday Evening Orienteering

G’day OAC,

Want to practice your navigation, get a bit of fresh air, and/or see secret parts of Sydney you wouldn’t otherwise? The Sydney Summer Series will be right up your gully and has several more events in their calendar before the days get too short.

The event is only 45min and you begin anytime between 1630 and 1845 (course closure at 1930). It’s a welcoming activity with many regular faces/addicts each week, and you can always enter the walking category if the running is a bit intimidating. Go solo or with a buddy. You’re welcome to book yourself on the links above. If you want to matched with someone, would like some tips, or just want people you’re familiar with around, book here on the OAC page as well to let me know. Foster and I will try to be there for you. It’d be nice to have an OAC crew hit the pub after some of these.


Happy wanderings,





Participants are closed for this activity.