Welcome to the Ledge – Part 2

Hi Adventurers,

Hope you enjoyed our last Monday climb at The Ledge and this Monday we plan to keep the Ledge weekly climbing streak!!!
This week theme is minimal chalks or no chalks if you can.

Week 2: No Chalks
Week 3: Climbs fest (Club HALLOWEEN Night)

Never been out with the club before? This is a perfect time to get to know some other members and help plan some new adventures. If you need a belay partner or just want to meet someone as passionate about the adventure as you are, just talk to one of us wearing a blue UTSOAC shirt!

Our Monday climb starts around 5:30pm until 7:30pm then we retreat to Flodge for pub foods and drinks.

COVID-19 notes: Please be aware that double vaccinations cert is necessary, as are masks when not climbing and social distancing will be taken place as usual per The Ledge rules. Please bring a physical or digital certificate as it will be required upon entry.



Participants are closed for this activity.