Winter Snow Camping Extravaganza: Autralian Mountaineering and Ice Climbing [Full]

Gday Mates,

Do you have some experience in backpacking and hiking and want to take it to the next level? Are you keen to get out into the snow and play around in the back country? Well come join us on a mission to reach blue lake and learn how to ice climb and then summit the highest peak in country.

This is a trip only for people who are experienced in both climbing and hiking and understand the risks that such a trip inherently has.

The plan is to drive up on Thursday night and camp at Island Bend campground where we can set up a small base camp. Early Friday morning we will begin the snowshoe trek out to blue lake where we will be camping out on the snow and attempting to get some basic ice climbing experience. Saturday we will hike out and return to island bend campsite and get ready to hike to the top of mount Kosciuszko on Sunday. We are planning to return to Sydney very late on Sunday night.

There may be an option for a secondary group to join on backcountry skis if there is enough interest.

If you want to attend please list your experience in backcountry, climbing and hiking.
You will need cold weather gear/ski gear, sleeping bags rated to -8, insulated sleeping mats and a willingness to embrace the cold.
Preference will be given to those who can help with the driving.

Matt & Cal


This activity is fully booked.