The club’s new website went live on the 2nd March 2016 replacing the long standing and much loved website which had seen countless adventures and members logged into its database. There had been much debate over the years between club members if the OAC actually needed a new website considering the old one still performed the required tasks.

The old adage “Why fix something if it isn’t broken” was heardfrom prominent members. Luckily the club’s new website was almost complete when the host shut down.

This unforeseen event left OAC without a website for 5 weeks. There was much rejoicing when our new website went live with many thanks going out to Ron Sandoval and German Castro Donoso who built it from scratch, putting countless hours of hard work into what you’re browsing now.

Ron and German being volunteer Trip Leaders in the club again volunteered much of their time to building the new website. Their efforts emphasise how our club would not be as successful as it is without the time put in by its voluntary leaders.