[FULL] Stargazing Overnight hike in the Warrumbungles

Ever wanted to walk far away from civilization to summit mountains overlooking valleys and spend your nights stargazing next to a campfire? Where the Milkyway reveals endless shooting stars each night. Well, we plan to make you work for it! The Grand High Tops, Bluff Mountain & Mount Exmouth hike is a 27km loop takes you into the Warrumbungles, the only Dark Sky park in Australia. This will be a challenging overnight hike with 1500m elevation and rocky terrain. (https://www.alltrails.com/trail/australia/new-south-wales/grand-high-tops-bluff-mountain-and-mount-exmouth-loop). But the views will be worth it! We have selected this weekend specifically as the moon will be MIA, meaning we will have full stargazing access to the Milky way!

Our plan is to drive up to Camp Pincham on Friday evening for an early start on Saturday morning. Once we pack up on Saturday morning, it is 13km mostly uphill to Camp Danu and depending on how the day goes, we will summit Mount Exmouth either Saturday or Sunday morning. Sunday will then be an easy hike downhill to our cars to head back to Sydney.

Requirements (please state in ‘Sign up information’, blank entries promise a rejection)
– Hiking experience (overnight experience not necessary)
– Good fitness level

Gear needed:
– Tent (club can provide)
– Backpack (club can provide)
– Warm sleeping bag (-2 degrees C at least) (club can provide)
– Sleeping mat (unless you like sleeping on the ground like some people…) (club can provide)
– Extra warm clothing (the evenings are bitterly cold here, thermals a must)
– Rain jacket
– Hiking boots
– Headtorch (club can provide)
– Breakfast x2, Lunch x2, Dinner x1 AND don’t forget snacks!
– 2-3L water
– Camera (if you’re an expert in nighttime photography, we want you)
– Cooking equipment: gas stove, pots, utensils, etc. (club can provide)
– First aid kit
– Trowel, as no bathrooms are available
– Petrol monies for your driver

Camping fee is $13pp. Those with cars will be prioritised.


This will be a weekend to remember.

Alisa & Megan


Participants are closed for this activity.